Exercise Hacks Ep. 5 – Shoulder External Rotation

In this video, we discuss shoulder external rotation commonly performed on a cable column machine. This exercise is also frequently performed with the use of bands. Regardless of whether you use the cable column or bands, these pointers will still apply.

The quality of shoulder external rotation one can achieve plays a big role in overall shoulder health and upper body strength. Shoulder external rotation is dependent upon the quality of scapular stabilization one can achieve. That said, in order to improve shoulder external rotation, we can apply a hack to reflexively improve scapular stabilization.

By placing an object such as a yoga block, small exercise ball, or folded up towel or sweatshirt between your torso and elbow, we creating a fixed point to improve scapular stabilization. In doing this, it forces pure shoulder external rotation when the movement is performed well – making it very difficult to cheat!

Some key points discussed in this video:

  • The traditional cable column external rotation can be improved to heighten scapular stabilization and the demand on the external rotators/rotator cuff of the shoulder.
  • How to create a fixed point at the elbow to improve scapular stabilization by increased activation of the serrates anterior.
  • Avoiding ulnar deviation and maintaining a neutral wrist.
  • Increased global stabilization and muscular activation by setting the feet, hips, pelvis and spine into correct posture and utilize intra-abdominal pressure (IAP).

Thanks for watching and as always, let us know your questions or comments.

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