Exercise Hacks Ep. 10 – Loaded Progression for Shin Box Get-Up

Keeping with the concept of core stability and hip mobility, the shin box has become a popular drill for improving hip rotation, eccentric loading of the hips, as well as reinforcing ideal intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and core stability. Ideally the shin box is performed in a progression of static to dynamic variations. Progressions are dependent […]

5 Reasons Not to Be Skeptical of Chiropractors

You’ve thought about seeing a chiropractor before, but have hesitated because you: Heard it was “BS” or “quackery” Thought that once you start going, you’ll have to go for life Were afraid of being adjusted Thought they just won’t be able to help Let’s first address the reality that all chiropractors are not the same. […]

3 Common Reasons for Low Back Pain

According to research conducted by Dr. Stuart McGill, “People with back pain actually have stronger backs than people without back pain, so weakness is not the culprit.” In our experience in both treating and training individuals suffering from low back pain, there are three common factors that seems to play a central role: 1) Breathing […]

Exercise Hacks Ep. 7 – Core Stability for Shoulder Mobility

In this video we discuss a very relevant truth when it comes to the shoulder – sometimes your shoulder pain is not a shoulder problem. The inability to properly stabilize the rib cage and pelvis as well as having adequate movement in the thoracic spine can result in problems associated with the shoulder blade or […]

12 Week Distance Training Client Results

This training client sought out our services for three primary reasons: 1) Rehabilitate a chronic recurrent low back condition that has prevented him from training with any type of intensity or frequency for over two years AND get back to training while staying healthy in the process 2) Get stronger while packing on some quality […]

Exercise Hacks Ep. 6 – Deadlift Variations for a Functional Core

In this video we discuss two deadlift variations that will build rock solid functional core strength – the suitcase deadlift and pitchfork deadlift. The suitcase deadlift and pitchfork deadlift are two deadlift variations that will expose energy leaks and strength imbalances real quick. Building a functional core often requires unconventional methods that go beyond aesthetically […]