Athleticism Requires More Than Just Strength & Speed

  There’s no single blueprint coaches follow when building an athlete. There are no shortcuts. Those cool looking, cookie-cutter programs found online, they often result in failure. In the training world, athletes aren’t built by copying the same program and applying it across the board. At GP, we are in the business of individualized architecture […]

Exercise Hacks Ep. 13 – Horizontal Pressing Alternatives for Painful Shoulders

Outside of low back pain, shoulder pain is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaints. For avid exercisers and athletes, shoulder pain is something most are familiar with, especially when it comes to horizontal pressing movements. The most popular of the horizontal pressing movements being the barbell bench press. Bench press often enough, long enough, […]

A Movement Screen Will Never Show Movement Habits

Movement screens or testing can offer valuable insight into why you have pain or limited function. However what tends to be more valuable is when someone help you understand your movement habits. By observing how someone moves and the postures they assume during daily activities – walking, bending, twisting, reaching, pushing, or pulling – we […]

Exercise Hacks Ep. 11 – Train the Abdominal Slings for a Functional Core

Two common sites for pain and movement problems are the low back and sacroiliac (SI) joints. The SI joints are a common site for sensitivity due to biomechanical overload. Once we have screened for sensitivities, pain generators and movement dysfunction, the presence of SI joint dysfunction is often found along with poor abdominal sling function. […]

Are You Receiving Value in Your Treatment or Training?

The combination of chiropractic/manual therapy and massage therapy paired with smart training can make a profound impact on any musculoskeletal condition you may be dealing with. There’s tremendous value in care and training that focuses on the goals and outcomes you care about. You place a value on your health or performance and you should […]