Athletic Strength Guidelines

How strong should you be to establish a solid foundation for athletic performance? It’s a difficult question to answer given the shear number of variables. It’s important to understand that athletes shouldn’t overly concern themselves with maximal strength. Not to the degree that a powerlifter, weightlifter, or strongman would. Strength athletics set an different set […]

Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment

Contrary to what has been preached for years, it is now known that interventions such as rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications and electrical stimulation will not solve the problem of tendinopathy. The application of these interventions was based upon the assumption that inflammation within connective tissue or joints was created by repetitive motions and sustained postures […]

Acute Low Back Pain with Sciatica Treatment

Disc herniations and bulges can heal without surgery. Expert neurosurgeons will tell you the same thing. Yet why most elect for surgery is they never find conservative treatment that solves the problem. We must identify the underlying reasons WHY the disc herniated or became sensitive. Often these reasons deal with improper movement and postures that […]

If You Don’t Have a License, Stay in Your Lane

Personal trainers or strength coaches don’t have a license to diagnose, treat, or manage musculoskeletal conditions. Yet some are convinced they can play ‘therapist’ or ‘doctor’ on the regular. While I do agree that it’s important for coaches/trainers to understand pain and how to make appropriate modifications to an exercise plan based on a client/athlete’s […]

Exercise Is What You Do. Movement Is What You Feel.

Movement gets a lot of hype these days and receives plenty of attention in the fitness industry, strength & conditioning industry, and rehabilitative fields. From movement screens to movement coaches, movement is a buzz word it seems some are simply trying to capitalize on. Movement screens don’t prevent injuries, they just give you information. What […]

Tempo Runs for Speed Development

Charlie Francis defined tempo running as running performed at 65-75% of maximal speed. Tempo runs have long been used in the training of sprint athletes to enhance speed training. Outside of sprint athletes, sprinting ability and speed is arguably the most important skill field-based athletes can possess. Yet many have never been introduced to tempo […]