Not Just “Back Doctors”

“I thought chiropractors only treated backs.” This is one of the most common statements we here in our office. Considering chiropractic is rooted in the treatment of the spine and that the majority of chiropractors treat spine-related conditions, this line of thinking is naturally expected. However, at Gallagher Performance we do things differently. Gallagher Performance […]

How the Nervous System Unlocks Performance

The gateway to change in the body is the sensory system. The balance of excitatory and inhibitory  signals coming from our body’s sensory system influences the level of performance of the human body. And this balance of stimuli is always under the control of the brain/central nervous system (CNS). Be it a chiropractic adjustment, massage […]

Advanced Balance & Coordination Exercises

Sensory Motor Training SMT is a targeted approach to training the proprioceptive system and it’s pathways involved with the control of equilibrium and posture. SMT is used to train the upright posture of the body with the emphasis placed on ideal posture during dynamic stability. Benefits of SMT: 1️⃣ Increases speed of activation of muscle […]

Trigger Points Are A Good Thing In A Poorly Functioning System

One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard. Period. Identification and treatment of muscular trigger points is often a common therapeutic intervention of physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other physical medicine providers. There’s an entire industry of products devoted to enabling people to work on their triggers points at home or at the gym. Clearly […]