Experience the Difference

Our Approach

What separates Gallagher Performance and makes us different is our ability to treat conditions that other chiropractors and physical therapists have difficulty treating. The same can be said for our training services, as we have a proven track record of coaching our clients and athletes to achievements that were previously unattainable.

Our extensive knowledge base and professional experience in chiropractic, sports medicine, rehabilitation, athletic development and ideal body function allows us to bring together a number of services to empower our clients and patients to reach new personal bests while living an active, pain-free lifestyle. All our clients and patients receive the same care and attention as we provide when working with our professional and collegiate athletes, competitive powerlifters/Strongman, and physique competitors.

GP’s innovative vision and knowledge makes us highly sought after for difficult patient cases, for highly motivated athletes, and for those that are serious about their health, fitness, and wellness. Offering chiropractic, performance training, nutrition, massage and advanced sports medicine techniques, Gallagher Performance has established a system to physical health and athletic development that may be imitated, but never duplicated.

  • Chiropractic & Massage

    Advanced rehabilitation and sports medicine therapy

    We strive to impact the nervous system through therapy, exercise, and patient education. Our physical medicine services consist of using our hands to improve the nerve, muscle or joint function through very conservative and safe procedures.   Read More

    Chiropractic & Massage
  • Training

    Results based coaching using proven methods

    Whether your goal is to enhance your athletic performance, resolve chronic pain problems, or simply get in the best shape of your life, all our clients begin with a comprehensive physical assessment. All the information gathered during your initial assessment is used to design an individualized training program. We take time to ensure that specialized attention is given to each program design. GP is committed to providing the best for all our clients.   Read More