The Beginner’s Guide to Injury Recovery

Although we’ve worked with a broad spectrum of athletes – high school, collegiate, professional, former World’s Strongest Man, and elite triathletes – we work with just as many weekend warriors and those who simply love to be active. Whether it’s improving your running distance, increasing strength in the gym, or swinging a golf club without […]

Busting Chiropractic Myths & Misconceptions

The chiropractic profession is an interesting one to be a part of. For some, they more than accept the role chiropractic can play in not only getting them out of pain, but also elevating their overall sense of health and well-being. For others, they remain skeptical and dismissive for reasons that simply come down to […]

Clinically Pressed Podcast Episode 38

Clinically Pressed Podcast Episode 38 Had the opportunity to sit down with Joel and Kyle of Clinically Pressed and answer their questions. Clinically Pressed is committed to sharing as much useful and applicable information as possible to their audience. Comprised of a PhD, DC and ATC, the CP podcast that seeks to make the complicated […]

What Makes a Sports Rehabilitation Chiropractor?

Chiropractors have traditionally been known for treating patients suffering from acute or chronic pain related to the neck and back. Chiropractic treatment that involves spinal manipulation is regarded as a standard for treatment of cervical spine (neck) pain and acute lower back pain. Not only is it safe, but it has also shown tremendous health […]

Palmer College Prospective Student Dinner – Pittsburgh, PA

Pretty excited to be part of this Palmer College of Chiropractic prospective student event! Palmer is the trusted leader in chiropractic education for a reason. Come on out and learn more about the chiropractic profession and the Palmer experience. There will be focused discussion on sports & rehabilitation chiropractic as well. For more information or […]


In the spirit of fall, school back in session, and the start of the competitive season for many sports, we thought we’d run a little referral contest. I mean who doesn’t love a little competition? The next time a friend, family member or co-worker is looking for quality in chiropractic, rehabilitation, massage therapy, or personal/sports […]

Scoliosis Treatment for Children & Teenagers

Scoliosis. The diagnosis can make anyone uneasy and it can become even more unnerving for parents when they hear that diagnosis for a child. Scoliosis in children between the ages of 10-18 years of age is termed adolescent scoliosis and can be due to many causes. But the most common type of scoliosis in the […]

3 Exercises for Athletic & Mobile Hips

In this video, we discuss exercises aimed at training proper hip dissociation – an often overlooked and undertrained function of the hips. Poor hip dissociation is commonly a reason for pain and poor performance. Some key points discussed in this video: What hip dissociation means. Hip dissociation is the ability to independently move the hips […]

When Should I See Chiropractor?

In this video we discuss some important points to consider when to see chiropractor or why to see a chiropractor, especially one that has a sports injury and rehab specialization and practices in a functional movement model. Some points to consider: How important is your health to you? Health is an investment and requires a […]